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Tulsa Rally

Supporters Make a Pre-Election Push for SQ 794
Election day is right around the corner, so supporters of SQ 794 have been out in full force!  This week we enjoyed coffee with supporters in Enid and Bartlesville to discuss the need for Constitutional rights for crime victims.  Additionally, we provided information and materials about SQ 794, as well as campaign gear, including t-shirts and signs. 

The story behind our latest TV ad featuring the father of a murder victim

You may have noticed our newest TV ad featuring former Oklahoma State Trooper Ben Crockett, whose son Jacob was brutally attacked and murdered in 2014. Crockett describes the difficulty he and his family had getting information during the criminal justice process. “All we wanted was answers,” he says. “But we had little say-so in what was going on. State Question 794 is like water in the desert for crime victims.”

Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma Launches Digital Campaign Featuring Crime Victims and Advocates

OKLAHOMA CITY – Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma and the Yes on State Question 794 campaign today launched a series of social media videos highlighting support from crime victims and advocates for SQ 794, a provision on the November 6 ballot. If passed, an enhanced set of crime victims’ rights would be added to the Oklahoma Constitution.

National Day of Remembrance

National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims

State Director Kim Moyer Reflects on a recent ceremony held to commemorate the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims



One woman’s son was murdered in a drive-by shooting, and another woman’s 14 year-old daughter was murdered by a boy that she broke up with. The sad stories went on all evening as people greeted each other. These grieving families and many more survivors were among the more than 70 people attending the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims ceremony held in Oklahoma City. Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma members were proud to help organize and support these families on this important day.

Oklahoma Medical Community United Behind SQ 794

Oklahoma Medical Community United Behind SQ 794


We’re proud to have the support of Oklahoma’s medical community, who believes the proposed Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights helps Oklahomans during a crisis.


Jodi Lopresto, member for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Oklahoma, supports SQ 794.

Jodi Lopresto, an active member and advocate for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Oklahoma (MADD), recently shared why she supports State Question 794. 


Jodi was severely injured in car crash by a drunken driver who had multiple prior DUIs and drug offenses.  While Jodi was fighting for her life in the hospital, the woman who hit her recovered quickly from minor injuries and fled the state before her arraignment.   


Wiles Supporters

SQ 794 Supporters Gather to Tell Their Stories

We appreciate our supporters throughout Oklahoma who recently gathered to explain why they support State Question 794.  Soon we will release their videos, but here is a behind-the-scenes look.

Kelly Vierling

Fixing A Broken Process - Kelly Vierling


Kelly Vierling is an Oklahoman touched by crime, who believes that if the reforms proposed in State Question 794 would have been in place, her experience with the criminal justice system would have been very different.  When her son was shot and killed at a party, she learned there wasn’t the right support system for victims and their families.


Victims' Rights Advocates Visit Lawton


For Immediate Release

August 2, 2018

Media Contact: Alex Weintz; [email protected] or (405) 518-5135


Victims' Rights Advocates Visit Lawton

The campaign to Support State Question 794 Hosted a Meet and Greet at Viridian Coffee



Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma Team Seeks Opportunities to Speak with Community Organizations

We’ve been busy connecting with supporters across Oklahoma who are committed to expanding crime victims’ rights through passage of State Question 794. We recently joined with members of the faith community and local leaders from Tulsa to Lawton, and it’s clear that energy for this movement remains strong.

Victory depends on our ability to connect with people like you who care deeply about this cause. Together, we can prevent further victimization of Oklahomans who have been hurt by crime or lost loved ones to violent acts. We still have many people to reach between now and November. If you are a member of a community organization that would like to know more about SQ 794, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with your group. Please email us at [email protected] or sign up to volunteer.