Small Acts, Big Victory


The effort to pass State Question 794 is a people-powered movement. We are relying on a grassroots network that includes victims of crime and their families, victim advocates, law enforcement personnel, elected officials, and many others. All of us are united by our belief that crime victims deserve Constitutionally protected rights as outlined in Marsy’s Law. 

Getting the word out is an all-hands-on-deck effort, but even little things can go a long way towards educating our fellow Oklahomans about the need to support SQ 794. Kelly Vierling, whose son was shot and killed at a party, is showing her support by putting a Marsy’s Law sign up in her yard. Angie Cantrell, who also lost her son to violent crime, is taking signs and other materials down to her hometown of Sulphur. And, of course, we are lucky to have great interns and volunteers hard at work to package up and deliver materials across the state.

If you believe that our criminal justice system must be amended to give victims of crime like Kelly and Angie more rights and more support, then we encourage you to sign up as a volunteer and get involved. Something as simple as putting a bumper sticker on your car, displaying a placard in your business window, or putting out a yard sign can send a powerful message to your friends and family. Enough small acts in support of victims’ rights will eventually add up to a big victory: the passage of State Question 794 in November.

Click here to become a Marsy’s Law volunteer