Oklahoma County Commissioners are Paving the Roads of Justice

Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma believes that connecting with our communities is among the most important things we do. That’s why we’re proud to have the support of several County Commissioners across Oklahoma. In addition to preserving local infrastructure, commissioners also work with members of law enforcement to keep communities safe.

“As County Commissioners we are committed to ensuring justice and improving the health and well-being of our counties,” said Dillon Berry, Dewey County Commissioner.  “Expanding rights for crime victims through approval of State Question 794 will make our communities safer.” 

Every day, Oklahomans become victims of crime. They’re often left alone to navigate a complex judicial system without the same Constitutional and legal protections that the accused are afforded. State Question 794 would provide permanent and enforceable rights for victims.

This week, the Oklahoma County Board of County Commissioners proclaimed its support for SQ 794 adding to a growing list of supporters. 

“Victims’ Rights is a non-partisan, non-political issue, and Marsy’s Law is a common sense approach to treating victims with fairness and respect,” said Ray Vaughn, Oklahoma County Commissioner.

SQ 794 enjoys bipartisan support because we can all agree that no rapist should have more rights than the victim.  No murderer should be afforded more rights than the victim’s family. Local and state officials, Republicans and Democrats alike, are unified in their support of this issue.

We’re proud to have the support of Dillon Berry, Dewey County; Rod Cleveland, Cleveland County; Karen Keith and Ron Peters, Tulsa County; Ray Vaughn and Brian Maughan, Oklahoma County. Additionally, David Perry, formerly the McClain County Commissioner, has also endorsed SQ 794.

“Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma will ultimately improve the lives of our constituents,” Berry added.

If you are interested in supporting the cause, please add your name here.