Letter: Everyone can advocate for victims of crime


Our relationships bind us to a person or cause, such as a friend, daughter, son, or even victim advocate. Sometimes a relationship starts as a dream long before the name is called. For my husband, Bo, and me it was mom and dad. We were thrilled when our daughter, Lori Lee, the first of five children, was born. Our dream became fulfilled.


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Tulsa World

Letter: Everyone can advocate for victims of crime

April 18, 2021 


On June 13, 1977, Lori was murdered on her first night of Girl Scout camp, making us the parents of a murdered child. It’s unimaginable for any parent and the most heartbreaking relationship to bear.

When we became known as victims of crime, we also became survivors, and then advocates.

In honor of Lori’s life, we are dedicated to helping others through tragedy and raising awareness of the issues that face survivors and their families. Our community has supported us as we have worked to advance the victims’ rights movement in Oklahoma for more than 40 years.

This year, National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is Sunday through April 25, with the theme "Support Victims. Build Trust. Engage Communities."

I joined the advisory board of Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma to help others find their voice through the constitutional amendment secured by voters in November 2018.


We may not be able to prevent all crime, but we can all advocate for crime victims. Learn more at www.marsyslaw4ok.com.